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      The Applications of Mesh Belt Type Continuous Quenching Furnace

      The mesh belt type continuous furnace is the advanced heat-treatment equipment for metal products. The metal products can arrive the required hardness, torque, wear-resisting & strength ect. after through heat-treatment. There are main both kinds of electric heating and gas burners type. The features are high capacity under automatic operation further can get the lowest heat-treatment cost.



      Fields of clients : fasteners industries, automobile, motorcycle, bicycle parts industries, chains industries, concrete nails industries, hand-tools industries, hardware industries, stationery industries, forging parts industries, aerospace industries and commercial heat-treatment industries……ect.

      There are so many kinds of metal products which are allowed to proceed the 3 kinds of hardening, carburizing & carburnitriding treatments by San-Yung model of SY-805 mesh belt type continuous quenching furnace as following products.

      Automobile parts
      Motorcycle parts
      Bicycle parts
      Concrete nails
      Forging products
      Commercial heat-treatment
      Screw Nut
      Copper precision parts
      Household appliance
      Gear box
      Stainless steel